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World’s largest Hot tub Liquidation center!Factory new spas and quality pre-owned spas at the lowest prices. 300 units in stock, next day state wide delivery! We export / wholesale. We are the world’s largest seller of pre-owned spas and now have factory new spas at Liquidation prices. We buy only truck loads and pass the savings on to you.Prices start at $1700. The Spa King has recently moved into its new building which is 13,000 sq foot facility located in Port Saint Lucie Florida. We set the standards for pre-owned certified spa-hot tubs sales. We are the world’s largest seller of pre-owned spas. We purchase mostly dealer trade-ins with most units being 3-6 years old, quality spas have a 15 year plus life span. But not all spas are the same, will you know the difference? All spas undergo our 20 point inspection, followed by 48 hours of water testing of all systems. Repairs are made using new parts and electronics as needed. After all the systems are checked again the spa under goes a deep cleaning of the plumbing and filter systems. Next we apply a new finish to the outside cabinet ensuring your spa looks great. We can make the exterior cabinet any color you need, maybe to match a specific color scheme of your patio or house. Then we fit every spa with a brand new custom thermal cover. Buy from us and save thousands!

The Spa King Difference

We now can offer a Salt Water System on every spa new or used for $499. After more than 2 years and over 500 salt systems installed we realize that is the best upgrade you can get with a spa. We have made a major purchase of these units and are now making them available while the supply lasts at an unbelievable installed price on any of our spas new or used at $499.00

No more need for those harsh chemicals. Don’t buy a spa without it!

There are many fine spa dealers throughout the state, but we offer a slightly different approach to buying a hot tub. We offer the largest selection of pre owned spas –hot tubs in the country 300 unit’s right here in your backyard. All our spas come with a limited 4 month warranty. Recently we have added a large selection of new spas that consist of warranty returns or factory blems. These spas are manufactured in Florida and Georgia, we are able to offer these units at great price because of are large purchasing power and they come with a factory warranty and pricing that’s saves you thousands. A client asked me once about a spa that was priced new at $14,000 ( way over priced) and asked if it was a great spa my answer based on years of experience was NO ! But at our price of $3500. It was a great Spa!!!Buy from the King and save!!!

New Spa Prices Sticker Shock!!!!

There are many great spas on the market and yes the better ones cost more money! Most new spas of quality are going to be in the $5,000 plus range, some even well over $10,000 dollars. There are some marketing companies that would have you believe they can build and sell a quality spa for under $3,000 dollars. Logic tells us that most manufactures’ realize how competitive the market place is and therefore strive to maintain their price and quality very close to their counter parts. If the average market price on new spas is $5,000 - $9,000 don’t expect to get much for less, remember you can only cut away only so much meat before you hit the Bottom! ! I don’t care who’s selling it.

Spa King Prices

Our spas range in price from $1700 up. All are sold with a warranty and are a great option that allows you to purchase a quality spa for less money than new. Most of our spas look like new. We deliver our spas to many clients that could certainly afford new and live in multimillion dollar homes and just like you and I they have the desire to save money while enjoying all the benefits of a quality spa. 


We are now in our new state of art building over 13,000 sq feet of pre-owned certified hot tubs and spas. We have the largest pre-owned spa-hot tub selection anywhere, over 150 spas in stock from most major manufactures. We only handle quality brands that we can warranty. We also have a large selection of new scratch and dent spas and warranty returns from select builders. Prices range from $1,700-up for like new spas with a warranty. We stock more spas than any dealer; buy your spa from us and save thousands. 

220 or 110 volt

This is the most common question we get. The difference is on a couple of points 220 power will allow the spa to heat at a rate of 3-5 degrees per hour, with a quicker time to temperature and a quicker recovery time. A spa that uses 220 volts will have a larger pump and could have multiple pumps which would mean an increase in water flow. If you are seeking a spa for Therapeutic purposes your first choice should be 220 power

110 volt power

The benefits of 110 volt no need to have a 220 line run which depending on the location can cost from $200-$450 on the average.

A good 110 spa will have a dual speed pump for increased water flow. Heating on 110 volts will be a 1-3 degrees per hour and are best left hot all the time. The efficiency between 110- and 220 is not a big factor with the well insulated spas today. The smaller the body of water you’re trying to heat and move will make a difference with 110 spa. 

Buying a spa online.

Not all spas are equal; there are many things you should consider before you buy. We have most every brand and we know which ones are better suited for certain applications. Because we handle only pre owned spas and because of the size of our inventory (150 spas) we can help you get the right spa at the right price.

Tip: When you call have this measurement for us, sit in a chair and have someone measure from where your butt hits the seat to the top of your shoulders. This could make a big difference in the spa you need. 

We are the experts call and speak to Chris or Jon.

Spa Ratings

We get this all the time; someone sees a bad blog or review by a disgruntled costumer on a specific spa and then thinks that spa is not a quality unit. Not true in most cases, you are only hearing from the few that had bad experience without the benefit of hearing from the many customers who have that spa and love it. Some spa builders have sold over 15,000 units and just like any business there will be a few problems. Beware that some rating sites are really owned by the spa builder (yes) and can be very biased. Conversely we have seen a few spas that enjoy the benefits of a great marketing campaign only to be less than stellar in quality and performance.  Ask me I know!

Spa King Rating System


That’s how we think of spas. But this should be based on your needs and wants, remember everyone is different. Many times a lesser expensive spa will be just as good as the high dollar one for your purpose. 

Jets How Many!

More jets does not mean more power, it has to be the right pumping system to match the jets. The size of the pump discharge line and the configuration of the plumbing also play an important role in getting good water pressure to the jets. Jets come in many sizes and in better spas each jet should be adjustable as to the water flow. In the right spa 10 well placed jets with the proper pump can out-perform 30-40 jets. Some spa builders have begun to fool the public by adding 50-70 jets hoping to persuade you by the number of jets only. There is much more to buying a great hot tub then a salesman saying this spa has 70 jets. We see every spa tested and know which spas will work for your needs. 
Ask us!

Electric Bill

Caution is needed here, while some better spas can average less than $30.00 a month. Purchase the wrong spa and you could spend over $75.00 monthly. Ask Us!

Therapeutic Benefits

For over hundreds of years people around the world have been using and enjoying the benefits of hot water therapy. Here’s where a therapeutic spa can make a difference when used to soothe tired muscles, strained backs, stiff necks, leg pain, sports injuries, arthritis, pain from Fibromyalgia, Planter Fasciitis (foot pain) and also great stress reliever that can also aid in a better night’s sleep. Some side effects (benefits) that are often reported are increased libido. All these benefits are well documented. 

The mechanism to this relief is simple; applying heat to the tissue causes the muscles to relax allowing for greater blood flow. This increase in blood flow aids in reducing inflammation, stimulating the tissue with moving water (jets) allows deeper penetration of the heat thus creating a bigger benefit. Just soaking in hot water in your bath tub at home will provide some benefit and relief. 

The use of a hot tub with multiple jets and two pumps can really make a difference in stimulating the tissue, and relaxing the muscles allowing for a deeper penetration of heat. Enjoying a hot tub with your spouse could put a smile on your face.

The use of a hot tub with multiple jets and two pumps can really make a difference in stimulating the tissue, and relaxing the muscles allowing for a deeper penetration of heat. Enjoying a hot tub with your spouse could put a smile on your face.

If you would like the maximum benefits from a spa purchase please speak to us as were quite knowledgeable on which spas are better suited for these therapeutic purposes. 

Saltwater Sanitizing Systems Vs Ozonators

Ozonators help fight bacteria and lessen the need for chemicals but there is no way to measure their presents in the water and there is no residual chemical which means when the spa is off there is nothing present to kill the bacteria, you will still need to add Bromine or Chlorine. Saltwater systems use natural salt added to the water and a mild electrical current to generate just the right amount of chlorination. This helps with softer-feeling water, reduced skin and eye irritation, no harsh chemical odor and low cost to operate and maintain. The levels can be verified with a simple test kit. Have you removed the cover on your spa only to get hit with a blast of over powering chemical smell, or after leaving the spa realized you smelled like chemicals. End the pain switch to a Salt System. 

30 Day Exchange

You just got your new spa home and after using a few times realized it’s too deep for you or you now wish you had two loungers in the spa. Will your spa dealer take it back?? Whatever the issue here at Spa King we will give you full credit on any exchange during the first 30 days. It can Happen!   Does that so called factory direct spa offered online with no physical location offer any exchange??

Delivery and Set-up

We offer quick delivery right to your patio or porch and set-up by technicians. All spas sold by us come with a start up supply of spa chemicals and water test kit. Most important our spas carry a 120 day limited warranty, one of the industry’s longest on a pre-owned spa or hot tub. 

If your not sure call me its free!! Deal with the experts! We only sell quality pre-owned spas-hot tubs. All spas come with 120 day limited warranty. 800-517-9188 - 7 Days Deal with the owners Chris or Jon. 

Our inventory changes quickly if you don't see it call me I probably have it...

Delivery is available in Florida- Georgia.


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